Working in schoolwear, we generally run in line with the academic calendar, so while everyone else is starting fresh in January, we are already three months ahead.

Nevertheless, this year January has been a bit of a whirlwind for us, too. On New Years Day we launched our brand spanking new website (if you’re reading this, you found it, yay!) and we have been overwhelmed by your positive response. We have had people visiting our website from nine countries all over the world! Pretty crazy for a small family-led business in Lancashire!

But you haven’t just been browsing, you have been buying too! We have taken a lot more orders than usual (January is generally a VERY quiet month when you sell school uniform) and you have been giving us some brilliant feedback on the website, which is invaluable to us.

You told us you wanted a search button? We gave you one!

You told us we had mixed up items for some schools? We fixed it!

You told us you wanted personalised items available online? We found a way!

We are still playing around with how the website runs, so if there’s something you would like to see us do, please let us know!

We also got our first bulk delivery this month! David Luke came in first this year and dropped off hundreds, if not thousands of sweatshirts that all need embroidering with school badges, so we are very busy making lots of room to store over 4000 products that will be delivered in bulk before July! It may seem like we are getting a little ahead of ourselves with 5 months remaining before back to school begins, but when you have an insane 21,899 students enrolled at 48 schools you supply that will all need uniform within the space of 6 weeks, you have to get as big a head start as possible!

Our schools have also been keeping us occupied with preparing for all of the exciting school trips you guys are headed on in the next few months! From sports tours to ski trips, we have a lot of personalised t-shirts, hoodies and tracksuits in process, keep an eye on social media to see updates of how your product is coming along!

So as January comes to a close, we look forward to February. Things start getting exciting in February, with a half term holiday to keep us busy, more and more deliveries coming in, and preparation for spring term! This year, we are also expecting a few year 10 work placement students arriving in our stores, to try their hand at all of the different aspects involved in running a small business. You may even see some of their handiwork online as they tackle e-commerce and marketing, so please be sure to show them lots of support!

So, goodbye January (honestly we can’t quite believe we are already a month into 2019), and see you next month!