Monday 2nd March 2020 is National Offer Day, meaning applicants for secondary schools all over the country will be finding out what school they have been allocated to. This is a nerve-wracking day for a lot of parents, but there is no need to worry - here is exactly what will happen on the day.

How and when will I get my results?

If you applied online, simply log back on to the application portal to view your offer letter. You should also receive an email with a link to the correct page. If you applied by post, unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer for your offer letter. The council will be posting letters by Royal Mail Second Class on Monday 2nd March, so you will have to wait a few days for it to arrive - you should have received it by Wednesday 5th. The council are not able to give you the offer by phone.

What do I do if I get and offer for the school I wanted?

Congratulations! You need to accept your offer by Monday 16th March 2020 or you could lose your place. How you accept may differ slightly by district, so make sure you read your offer letter carefully - all of the details will be included.

What do I do if I don’t get my choice of school?

If you aren’t lucky enough to be offered a place at your first choice school, don’t panic, not all hope is lost. 1 in 5 pupils did not get their first choice school in 2019, so you are not alone. You now need to decide whether you are happy with the place you have been offered or if you would like to appeal the decision.

Can I go on a waiting list for my first choice school?

Yes, as some children may move out of the area, or reject their offer, some places at your first choice school may become available. To be added to the waiting list, you need to contact your Area Education Office before Friday 6th March. This waiting list will be kept by the Area Education Office until August 31st 2020. If you wish to remain on the waiting list after this point (in the hope of your child moving schools after the school year starts), you must directly contact the school that you wish to gain entry to.

What do I do if I want to appeal?

If you want to appeal your offer, you need to formally request the Area Education Office for an appeal by Friday 6th March. You will be able to appeal your childs’ case to an Independent Admission Appeal board.

We wish you luck for Monday, and hope you are all allocated a place you are happy with. Keep your eyes peeled next week as we have a special offer coming up for the new 2020 secondary school intake!