Next Friday, the Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms Bill is having its second reading in the Houses of Parliament. When this Bill had its first reading, there were debates on TV, #schooluniform was trending throughout the UK for hours (which would normally be a dream come true for marketers in the schoolwear industry) and uniform suppliers and manufacturers were receiving some severe backlash. When all of this happened, we stayed quiet, along with many of the other retailers, suppliers and manufacturers in our industry. This time we are standing up for the schoolwear industry with Project SOS - Support Our Suppliers. All week we will be sharing all of the wonderful things our suppliers bring to the schoolwear industry.

From sustainability to ethical workplace standards and working with local companies that boost the economy in your hometown, our suppliers bring a lot of “good” to the table. You may be able to buy a full uniform for £4.50 at a budget supermarket - but do you know where that uniform is coming from? Are the fabrics sustainably sourced? Are the workers earning a decent wage? Are the company helping the economy in your local area, or making millionaire CEOs? Will the supermarket polo last for the whole school year, like the one from a schoolwear supplier, or will it need replacing 4 times due to bad quality manufacturing?

Stay tuned this week while we showcase the fantastic work that our suppliers do every day.