That’s a wrap on Project: SOS - Support Our Suppliers!

We have had a lovely week spreading our love for our suppliers who do wonderful work in the schoolwear industry, but unfortunately we have not been able to shout about everyone, so we would like to give a shout out to all of our suppliers -




Charles Kirk

David Luke


John Hall


Magic Fit




William Turner


We are proud to be a small, family-run business in our 100th year, but we would not be where we are today without our suppliers, and The Schoolwear Association, who do fantastic work in supporting and protecting our industry. “Quality Service for Quality Clothes” has been our mission statement since day one, and we are known for providing quality garments from the best schoolwear suppliers.

As schools choose uniforms that are more individual and bespoke, unfortunately prices do increase, but we ensure that all of our products are high quality and will last, meaning our customers do not need to repurchase uniform until their children grow, and even then are able to pass down uniform through the family. We ensure that all of our products are ethically sourced, and are as sustainable as possible, with over 80% of our stock consisting of eco-garments, or being supplied by carbon-neutral suppliers.

As the Government debates the Guidance About Costs of School Uniforms Bill today, the future of our industry hangs in the balance, and we can only hope that our project has helped people consider the value of the schoolwear industry.