Today is World Earth Day! Did you know that around 75% of our products are eco products? That means that the polyester is made from recycled plastic!

For example, each of our David Luke Eco Blazers uses around 18 plastic drinks bottles, so when you buy a David Luke Eco Blazer, you are stopping 18 plastic bottles from going to landfill and polluting our planet!

Now 18 plastic bottles may not seem like a lot, in the grand scheme of things, but we sell uniforms for 15 secondary schools with 14,483 children wearing blazers. If each of those blazers was a David Luke Eco Blazer, that’s 260,694 plastic bottles that will not go to landfill!

And that’s just the blazers, there’s also trousers, skirts, sweatshirts and polos!

A small difference to your life could mean a huge difference to our world!