St Augustine's High School Boys Uniform

Purchase uniform for St Augustine's Roman Catholic High School in Billington. This uniform is supplied by both of our stores, in Blackburn and Clitheroe.

Years 7-10 Winter Uniform

Blue Shirt

Black Trousers

School Tie

Maroon V-neck Pullover

Black Badged Blazer

Years 7-10 Summer Uniform

Blue Badged S/S Shirt

Black Trousers

Black Badged Blazer

Year 11 Uniform

Blue Shirt

Black Trousers

School Tie

Year 11 Badged Sweatshirt (Purchase from school)


Black or Grey socks

Apron (From School)

Plain Black Coat

Any School Bag

Black Shoes


Maroon/Sky Polo Shirt

Maroon/Sky Football Shirt

Sky/Maroon Shorts

Maroon/Sky Striped Socks

White Trainers

PE bag

Optional Items

Black Tracksuit Trousers with School Badge for PE only

Maroon/Sky Baged School Hoodie for PE only