St Augustine's High School Girls Uniform

Purchase uniform for St Augustine's Roman Catholic High School in Billington. This uniform is supplied by both of our stores, in Blackburn and Clitheroe.

Years 7-10 Winter Uniform

Blue Blouse L/S

Grey Stitch-Down or Box-Pleat Skirt

School Tie

Maroon Pullover

Black Badged Blazer

Years 7-10 Summer Uniform

Blue Badged Rever Collar Blouse

Grey Stitch-Down or Box-Pleat Skirt

Black Badged Blazer

Year 11 Uniform

Year 11 Badged Sweatshirt (Purchase from School)

School Tie

Blue Blouse

Grey Stitch-down or box-pleat skirt


White Socks or Black Tights

Apron (From School)

Plain Black Coat

Any School Bag

Black Shoes


Sky/Maroon Polo Shirt

Sky/Maroon Football Shirt

Maroon/Sky Shorts

Maroon/Sky Striped Socks

White Trainers

PE bag

Optional Items

Black PE Leggings with School Badge

Maroon/Sky Hoodie with School Badge for PE Only